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Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Most people simply continue with their daily routine they do not even like, staying in the comfort zone of going to work and then waiting for the weekend to reset so they can do it all over again.

You are already step ahead of others with your intention to reflect on what’s working in your life, where do you wish to invest your energy and how would you like to invite growth so you can live to your highest potential. During this part of month/season we are going through transition. Cycle of death and rebirth that is represented by Scorpio.

Full Moon represents great time for the restoration and reflection. Lunar Eclipse intensify light that shines on the inner world even more, offering sudden clarity. We have certain amount of energy and when we leave it tied to things that don’t serve us we hold ourselves back. Reflections and awareness brings you opportunity to stand in your personal power not giving it away to adjust to others. It was always about your own good.

Scorpio during this Full Moon drives us towards everything that is terrifying, dark and destructive which is represented through cycle of death. With Scorpio as a water sign this means a lot of emotions and clearing. But remember, it is about your perspective. After death come rebirth. Stepping out of comfort zone might be terrifying thing but it brings great growth and new milestones on your journey, up-leveling you’ve been waiting for. Destructive power can represent moment of being reborn coming stronger and more aligned than ever before. Preparing for future remembering lessons from the past. Keep what works and release what doesn’t. Your spiritual self is here to offer guidance and encouragement to human self. You always have what it takes to go through challenges within you and all these challenges are showing up now, because it's right time to face them.

Every month I hold space for a FULL MOON CEREMONY on the beach with restore yoga | sound healing and meditation to recenter and release. If you are not able to join or if you just prefer spend time by yourself here is my personal ritual including meditation as an inspiration:


Intention is essential. It feels nice to include sage or palo santo, but if you don’t have any of those, incense will do the work just fine. As you walk around the room repeat your intention or get inspired by this one: “Let this space be cleansed by smoke that is rising to the sky. Let all the heavy stagnant energy be shifted and released so creativity, abundance and love can enter this space. Let my body be cleansed so I can feel harmony in my heart and clarity in my mind.”


Light up candle and incense, play some zen vibes and get comfortable for meditation.


Play attached guided meditation to reflect on current state of being and personal transition you go through. Acknowledge what works and which direction you want to go in following days while letting go of what takes your energy away.


Water has cleansing power. Salty water offers wash off not just for a skin but for our energetic body as well. That’s why ocean dips feel so great! You are washing off heaviness to gain clarity. Add epsom salt into the bath tub and to make it extra nourishing drop couple flower petals into the water. You can also listen to added guided meditation while taking a bath in the candle lit space.

Remember all those challenges that are showing up for you are preparation and training for big things that are on horizon! Without these experiences you wouldn’t be able to handle upcoming upgrade in your life. (And also life would be very boring ride.) You can handle ANYTHING that is coming up for you. Continue stepping forward making this world a better place by being the greatest version of yourself.


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