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Full Moon



monthly gathering under the stars
immersed in rituals

Thu May 23rd
Fri June 21st
Sun July 21st
Sun Aug 18th
Tue Sep 17th

3501 Collins Ave, Miami Beach

While all of us have certain sign that was determined by our date and time of birth, our personal energy shifts according the present energy in the cosmos and movement of planets.


what this night offers

Watch the moon rise over the ocean
while you engage in rituals like:

ocean offerings
sharing circle
sound journey

all to come back home to deep inner knowing and connection to self and nature.



This is your sanctuary space anytime you need to pause, rejuvenate, reflect and feel support of the tribe while nourishing the connection to nature and self as well as space for a celebration of good times and joy in life!


Personal Smudging

Upon entering the space be welcomed by the rituals of smudging.

Personal cleansing while burning resin while saying prayer | intention.

Smudging bridges us from the outside happenings of the day to the ceremony space and circle. It’s the door where you leaving everything behind stepping into the unknown.


Crystal Mandala

Mandala as a circle represents universe in it's perfect form, unity.

Crystals in the mandala are charged by the moon light and by the energy that is created during the ceremony.

Leave with a gift of crystal and affirmation card to carry this energy with you long after.

full moon.JPG

Sharing Circle

Sharing circle invites everyone to participate in the theme of the night.

Dreams, visions for the future, initiations or worries that has been coming up recently. All is welcome.

Receiving and giving.

When you awaken your voice you realize there is more... Sometimes we think we know our truth but when we speak out loud, a new revelation and clarity is revealed.



Sound Journey Meditation

After the first stars make an appearance on the night sky, enter the journey guided by voice and sound frequency exploring many layers of self.

Receive insights, visions, feel sensations and ultimately surrender to experience beyond the mind recognizing everything is frequency in its essence.

Full Immersion,
state of surrender hugged by elements


Ocean Offerings Ritual

Finish the night dipping your toes in the ocean while expressing your gratitude and sharing your desires with element of water illuminated by the moon.


"Vibransè's Full Moon Ceremony is an enlightening experience, that alter the way you have seen meditation so far. It awakens the senses to transform your state of being."


price $55 | day of ceremony $65

Want to explore more?

book a private Sound Journey or join us for Attunement session that works with movement, breath and sound.

There are many ways to connect and to remember.
Listen to your inner calling.


Ready for full transformation?

join us for retreat adventure in Guatemala in April. 8 nights exploring wildness of nature balanced with luxury stay in lake house with private chef while enjoying yoga, master classes, medicine circles, hikes, ecstatic dance and more.

4.19. - 4.27.2024


RAY OF SUNSHINE (Instagram Story)(3)_edited.jpg



Creative being behind the brand VIBRANSÈ, here to inspire to create, feel, flow, be authentic, love and live fully.

Andrea's expression can be experienced through curated sound journeys, immersive yoga classes, retreats, masterclasses, photography, visual art, deep conversations, fashion, writing and much more.

The intention behind her offerings is to encourage self discovery journey, bringing your gifts to the world.

"May you activate your vibrant self, illuminating the world with your essence."



For more details on refunds please see terms and policies page on this website.

Refunds available for cancellations communicated no later than 24h prior event. Event happens rain or shine.

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