Feeling alignment in the body
and harmony in the mind.

My passion is to share and introduce the sound bath, meditation & yoga tools into your everyday life.


What can you experience

Wide variety of experiences to connect trough movement of the body, sound vibration that raise the vibrancy of our cells, breath that opens energetic spaces and awareness that allows us to observe, notice and possibly break the patterns of mind reprogramming yourself to the full alignment. My favorite tools are sound bath, meditation and asana practice of restorative & vinyasa yoga flow.

Whenever you wish to experience energizing morning flow every first Sunday of the month, restorative studio class in Anatomy’s 3 locations or you desire immerse in Soulfood Session receiving vibrations of sound bath connected to meditation without need to move your body, choice is yours.

We spend so much in our masculine energy focusing on organizing, achieving, managing and controlling which leaves us out of balance. The feminine energy allows us to feel, to connect, be creative, nourish ourselves and to surrender to the flow. All these practices bring the balance into our physical body, our energetic and emotional body.



For Who is This Experience

Anyone who is willing to keep the mind open to new things, ready to rise vibration

to the higher frequency. All levels are welcome and private sessions and events are available to curate just for your needs.


What is a Sound Bath

Sound healing is an ancient meditative practice that uses different musical implements to create healing vibrations around the body in the meditative state. Sound vibrancy comes from instruments like crystal sound bowls, chimes, drums & gongs and is received by our bodies to restore the state of harmony. It resonates with energetic centers in the body and allows to connect and transform the mind and heal the body on many levels.


Where to Experience This

From the South Beach's park, studio classes, beach sessions to comfort of your home. Explore SESSIONS tab or send an inquiry for the private personal or group session.