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Here to inspire to create feel flow
be authentic love and live fully.
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My Intention

Brand Vibransè by Andrea Mihalik

is inspired by Cosmic Vibrations.

Intentionally curated ceremonies, sessions and classes hold opportunity to tune into vibration of love, gratitude, inspiration, embrace authenticity & to explore shadows that are waiting to be uncovered. Space to deepen our connection to intuition so we can remember our true essence.


When we acknowledge our true essence, we are able to bring out our gifts, inspire others and illuminate the world.

Experience Sound Journey & Smudging Ceremony with Andrea that opens up the space to share in the circle, set an intention and let the vibrations from instruments like crystal sound bowls and drums take you on the exploration journey for the soul.

Tune into creative slow flow or vinyasa yoga class with intentionally guided movement that feels the best in your own way as she’s leading you with a gentle voice to your authentic self.

As a facilitator Andrea curates sessions for variety of events and hosts ceremonies, sound journeys & yoga flows for retreats and private & corporate activations.


Feel her energy via creative expression on ig @andrea_mihalik

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For Who is This Experience

Anyone who is willing to keep the mind & heart open to a new things, ready to remember the true nature of self.

All levels are welcome and private sessions and events are available to curate to your vision.


What is a Sound Bath

Sound healing is an ancient meditative practice that uses different musical implements to create healing vibrations around the body in the meditative state. Sound vibrancy comes from instruments like crystal sound bowls, chimes, drums & gongs and is received by our bodies to restore the state of harmony. It resonates with energetic centers in the body and allows to connect and transform the mind and heal the body on many levels.


Where to Experience This

From the studio classes, beach sessions, corporate activations to comfort of your home. Explore SESSIONS tab to book upcoming public event or send an inquiry for the private class or group session.

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