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New year 2024 brought us beautiful energy full of endless possibilities. I feel like we were all riding the wave of flow.

What to do when you feel off? What to do when things stop flowing?

Well it is an important part of cycle - contrast, that invites even more clarity into our lives.

Among universal laws we find "LAW OF SEASONS" & "LAW OF POLARITY"

Everything is in constant motion and like nature goes through seasons, so we go as well.

Feeling off balance, not in flow, might be just a couple of days thing. What is important is that we don't overthink how long it will last but rather focus on what makes us feel connected during the CONTRAST moments.

Not pushing things when feeling like everything is off but rather honoring slower pace.

No big decisions!

Contrast is very important because it shows us value of deep connection in all areas of life.

It's like with a lover.

When you together, it feels great but only when you separate for a trip, you then realize how much you are enjoying their company and then when you are reunited, union is so much more ecstatic and sweet.

Same goes with connection in work, love, creativity, flow, fun, magic.

May you embrace contrast, riding the wave of good vibes and then feeling gratitude for challenging moments and initiations as they teach us so much.

With Gratitude


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