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One of the most liberating feelings I ever experienced was to swim naked. Surrounded by the wild nature of Costa Rica in the river under the waterfall, enjoying stream of fresh water hugging my body.


It represents great practice of self love and courage to be able to let go of our protection, let go of our clothes and be in our most natural form. When I visit this moment in my mind’s eye I am so grateful for everything it gave me. It is not just about physical feeling of liberation, nothing restricting you. It’s also liberation of allowing yourself to be fully you. Embracing this sensation. Embracing yourself.

Journey of loving ourselves is an important step towards liberation. For me it started when I stopped wanting to look like anyone else and I chose to accept and celebrate my own body type. I used to want to have skinnier legs. I saw all the girls presenting clothes having long skinny legs and so I would criticize myself for not looking the same when wearing shorts or skirts. Accepting my body type and speaking to my body with love changed so much on my journey. I believe our uniqueness is our superpower. Now, I strive for reaching full potential of my own body type instead of trying to look like someone else. Practice includes rituals like nourishing my body with oil after bath or shower speaking to my body loving affirmations. Saying words you would say to your child, your pet, or your lover. How much you love yourself, how beautiful you are, how grateful you are for your body.

From this practice sprouted ritual of seeing myself dancing, embracing every move my body wants to express. Bringing it up a level, I started dancing naked in front of the mirror, celebrating my own authentic expression. Appreciating myself for being perfect as I am.

When I attended my first women’s retreat, part of the final ceremony was a dance. Before ceremony we were told to share song that makes us feel ~ move sensual. After arriving to ceremony space every woman had a stage for her self dancing in front of the circle. Showered by rose petals when performing dance with an option to remove the clothes. I felt this nervous and exciting feeling at the same time when it was my turn. I had my own conversation in head - this is same dance as you enjoy in front of the mirror, brought a level up - in front of other women. An initiation to own my presence. To enjoy my expression and to share it with others. It felt so amazing to be seen and loved the way I am. No judgement, just unconditional love. This moment made me love my body so much more.

Other part that was very healing for me was seeing other women. Every single one was absolutely perfect and gorgeous in their divine bodies. In the society of comparison this deeply confirmed my mindset to celebrate others and not compare myself.

Personal journey continued with my second opportunity in Costa Rica. Every time I travel, different part of me is comes to life in different parts of the world. In Costa Rica I got to experience wild and raw energy this land holds. Being in nature that was so lush and nourishing activated me in a beautiful way. Part of women’s retreat was morning swim in the waterfall with option to embrace our natural expression. Enjoying element of water without any restriction of clothes. Awakening wild woman within. It was so heart expanding to see all women letting go of swimsuit enjoying their feminine nature. Wild and free.

When water touched my skin and I got to move through the stream something awakened. Experience that changed my life forever. Feeling free, expansive, perfect, soft, sensual, light, wild, raw, becoming one with the water.

Through this experience I created deep connection with Goddess Saraswati, The one that is found in streams of water, Goddess of music, art and knowledge.

Maybe you will feel inspired by this opportunity to bring self love into your own exploration journey. If you don’t have access to wild waterfalls of Costa Rica, night swim in the ocean can be intriguing.

I wish to invite you to love your body as it is, speak to your body as a loved one. Speak to yourself as a loved one. Practice that will reflect in every single area of your life.

May we all experience feeling of liberation and self love.

With Gratitude


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