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Something has shifted.

New energy is present

- if you just choose to feel it, see it, experience it and embrace it.


This is the year of saying yes to adventures that ignite your soul, that make you feel ALIVE, that remind you presence of magic within every moment lived, that help you remember you are limitless creator of your experience on Earth.


Sometimes it takes new environment and guides to resonate with to recognize this. Retreats are opportunities to leave your everyday life to experience something new.

New on the outside AND within.


Beginning of 2024 takes to the land of volcanoes.




4.19.2024 - 4.27.2024

Antigua | Acatenanga Volcano | Lake Atitlan



After traveling the world, experiencing priceless adventures in the secret locations, hosting impactful medicine circles & ceremonies, leading retreats and tasting the flavor of how does it feel to live life to the fullest, we joined the forces to create something extraordinary for you.This is not your regular trip you book after you google "retreat".This is a journey to awaken your soul on the deepest level.This is that trip you will talk about years after, making your friends feel like they missed out on the biggest adventure.Let us be your guides on the journey that is about to ignite your soul.


Can't wait to connect with you!



*results speak for itself!

After publishing pre-sale we are 50% sold out!

answer the intuition calling and grab your spot



With gratitude

Andrea & Ryan

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