Flow, explore & feel through
the authentic expression of your essence.

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represents connection through healing vibes of sound, meditation and movement. It represents space where we gather and connect without need to speak words.

Community we created together has so much meaning to me, thanks to you I feel inspired to create and hold space. So thank YOU for always showing up.

high vibe frequency

Have you ever walked into the room and you right away knew if you feel good or uncomfortable? Like you somehow could sense something without need to speak words.


You felt the vibe, frequency, vibration.

Every cell in our body is vibrating on certain level. We as a whole are mostly a vibration and so we are greatly affected by our environment, by people around us and by our thoughts and emotions. When the vibration is low there is a disease happening in the body. Thanks to tools like meditation, practicing awareness, yoga and sound baths we are able to bring our body into greater harmony, moving stuck energy to raise the vibe high so you can feel aligned and in the flow.

Sound bath is a vibration that can be felt in the body that takes you on the journey and guided meditation is a tool that directs your experience towards certain goal.


Explore these tools through private session or a group setting as a step towards harmony.


Events . Sessions . Classes

Events provide great opportunity for connection beyond words, sharing energy and space.

Explore complete offerings.

Full Moon Ceremony


Monthly Ceremony

Honoring the energy of Luna at

its peak during the full moon.

Session on the beach starts intentions and opening theme, continues with gentle yoga and finishes with the sound healing.

Great vibes and stunning view of night sky guaranteed.

Private Experience


Sound bath, Event or Yoga Class

Experience sound healing in intimate settings, enjoy restorative yoga class with hands on assists or book mindful session for your next private event.

Gift cards available.


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Experiences are a new things, gift a healing session.

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"Absolutely lovely experience.

Andrea is not just a yoga teacher, she is radiating energy, reminding you of how beautiful the present moment is. Her voice is melodic and her singing bowls powerful.100% would recommend."



"I have attended many events hosted by Andrea and I can only describe them as magical. Sound Healing is my absolutely favorite. Her unique way to guide helps me tap into my inner guidance and balance my energy centers. I always leave feeling full of gratitude and light as a feather.

So grateful."


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