Flow, explore & feel through
the authentic expression of your essence.

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Whenever we are aware of it or not, everything in the universe is embodiment of vibrations.


Brand Vibransè is inspired by Cosmic Vibrations. Intentionally curated ceremonies, sessions and classes hold opportunity to tune into vibration of love, gratitude, joy, inspiration & authenticity.

It’s a space of expansion and connection, remembering our true essence of being. Ceremonies held in this space open our hearts to the feeling of love that is present within every cell of our bodies & in vibration of our hearts.

On the journey of life there is moment when everything clicks. There is a lot of knowledge in books but I believe that we are fully able to understand our essence and world around us through the feeling and embodiment of love. Remembering our true essence and purpose of life.

Journey to authentic expression we are able to share with the world aligns our vibration to our purpose. Sharing from heart without worry of judgment.


Events . Sessions . Classes

Intentionally curated sessions are invitation for connection beyond words.

Explore complete offerings.

Full Moon Ceremony


Monthly Ceremony

Flow of the evening takes us through opening intention circle, gentle seated movement, meditation, sound healing, fire show & ocean dip. Signature flower mandala with super charged crystals & affirmation cards are waiting for you as a gift. If you feel called come experience night under the stars.

Private Session


Sound Bath, Event or Yoga Class

Experience sound healing in intimate settings, enjoy restorative yoga class with hands on assists or book mindful session for your next private event.

Gift cards available.


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"Absolutely lovely experience.

Andrea is not just a yoga teacher, she is radiating energy, reminding you of how beautiful the present moment is. Her voice is melodic and her singing bowls powerful.100% would recommend."



"I have attended many events hosted by Andrea and I can only describe them as magical. Sound Healing is my absolutely favorite. Her unique way to guide helps me tap into my inner guidance and balance my energy centers. I always leave feeling full of gratitude and light as a feather.

So grateful."


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