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1:1 Session to instantly feel rejuvenated and connected

  • 1 h
  • starts at $280
  • Custom location

Service Description

Attunement :to bring into harmony Curated Private Session that works with breath, movement and sound to bring your whole being into harmony. Alchemy of our being is connected to physical, energetic and spiritual body. Attunement creates pathway during 60minute session to access all parts of yourself creating positive impact. ELEMENTS: Smudging cleanse to enter session with a clear intention Centering with meditation connected to client's intention Guided restorative yoga poses with assisted stretches connected to breath allowing you to deeply shift and transmute stagnant energy in the body and open spaces within muscles to feel spacious Energy work by scanning energy field of client while working with meridian points Sound Journey to let body ground rejuvenated state of being in stillness of savasana as you enter depths of inner world guided by frequencies from sound bowls, chimes, gongs *this session is available in comfort of private home or yoga studio available for private booking **this session is available for 1:1 only as it takes personal approach to energy and body field of client ***additional travel fee + rental studio fee applying depending on location For extra details please contact me via email

Cancellation Policy

Refunds for events available via Terms & Policies

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