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Cosmic Sound Bowls

By Marilyn Ajayi

Finest Crystal Bowls - Cosmic Sound Bowls are part of my essential set up.


If you ever attended one of ceremonies I share with community, you had opportunity to experience magnificent sound vibration they emanate. I call this company my Cosmic family as I am very grateful for this collaboration that expanded so organically over last couple months.

Cosmic Sound Bowls are based in Germany and ship their precious instruments world wide.

If you feel called to own your Cosmic Bowl visit their Etsy shop with discount "COSMICANDREA" for 10% off.


Ban de Osh

Miami local brand inspired by the Mediterranean and Mexico. Noble fabrics, raw textures and unique style that embraces nature.

BanDeOsh is all about celebrating feminine. Pieces are flowy, enhancing women's nature in most organic way.

I love to dress up every day to express my character through the style and BanDeOsh is my daily go to. Stop by the store by Lincoln Road or visit online shop with 10% discount "SHAKTI-10"

Recently I launched my hand picked collection with BanDeOsh. Peek on Instagram to explore styles and grab your next wardrobe essential.

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