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WHO AM I? What is my true essence and expression of authenticity as the greatest gift.

Updated: Mar 28, 2023


Take a moment to grab a piece of paper and write down 3 words that describe your. First 3 words that come on your mind.


Write 3 words that describe.

Write key words that describe in the way you see yourself.

Write words that describe how others perceive you.

Ask you partner, friends or family to send you couple words that come on mind when they think about you.

Who am I?

Personal inquiry that represents question humanity has been thinking about from the beginnigs of time. So many different beliefs, so many different descriptions, so many different ideas. It's up to you to find your own answer.

Self inquiry is an amazing, life changing tool. More you use it more you learn about yourself and more you realize that you don't know that much.

Divinity of our true nature reveals itself in remembering our essence.

I wish to share my personal view and personal belief. Please ask yourself if this is something you resonate with as a message, or if your truth sounds differently. Every conversation we have, book we read, podcast we listen, information we are exposed to carries someones truth.

There are universal truths like gravity, law of attraction, law of polarity. Universal laws that are always working no matter if we choose to acknowledge them or not.

Same thing goes with divine intelligence. Different names like God, Goddess, Alah, Shiva, Source, Universe, Divine intelligence, for same energy. You can always choose what resonates with you most and what is your truth. Like a piece of puzzle offered to you to create bigger picture. Your own beautiful tapestry, always evolving, always changing with a new information.

I choose to believe that our essence is divine. Life force, prana flows through our body every second, with every breath we take. Inhale and Exhale, representing divine Expansion and Contraction. We have this beautiful body temporarily to experience physical world with all it's pleasures and all it's pain. Our body allows us to go places, taste, hear, see, touch, smell. But question WHO AM I is not I am the body. I have the body but I am not the body.

Our mind allows us to think, to perceive to understand, to plan, to organize, to develop, to innovate, to understand. Our brain sends signals to our whole body to make it function effortlessly. But question WHO AM I is not I am my mind.

Both body and mind are very valuable and necessary to operate. But our true essence is divine. Our true essence is LOVE. Highest vibration of all.

So the question WHO AM I is answered I AM. I am everything around. My divine nature is so expansive that I am God experiencing itself in this beautiful unique form shaped by the body and mind, shaped by my gifts, wants, needs, desires. My true essence is everything. Like a scoop of the water from the ocean in the cup. It can take so many different shapes and forms but it's true nature is never changing. Water can freeze into ice, water can dissolve and evaporate into the air. Water can be hot and cold. Water can change color according the coloring you add. Water can change shapes according the vessel you hold it in. Its true nature never changes, no matter how it looks on the outside.

Remembering our divine nature is accepting ourselves as Infinite Creator.

I trully believe that my essence is eternal, my essence is God. I am God and you are God. Our essence is the same. If someone beliefs their essence is God but see other person as less then themselves, then they don't fully understand their true nature. They are blinded by their beliefs, by certain looks, expectations, ideas. It's about tuning in beyond physical, feeling with your heart rather than seeing with your eyes.

Divine intelligence wish to experience itself in it's unique forms. It's such an exploration journey to experience itself in so many different ways. That is a greatest gift we could ever ask for in this life. For a moment in time (lifetime) to have unique blend of gifts, ways to connect, point of view, perceptions. The most amazing way to use those gifts is to embody your unique expression. To share expression of your essence with the world. To not play small or feel like being too much but rather own it, fully. To create new way of thinking, to pave new path, to do things in your own way, giving others permission to do the same.

We are conditioned to compare ourselves, to follow the rules, to believe certain truths from a little child. Certain systems are important for functioning society but when you don't even which desires are truly your and which are just copied from everyone else in your environment, that creates problem.

It is in your divine nature to be authentic. To be unique. To do things the way that feel good to you.

Conditioning to show up certain way in the world is based on receiving love. We create this picture of ourselves because we know that when we dress in a way that most of men like, we will get attention. We know that when we agree with people we will be accepted and because of it feel loved. When we act according expectations we will be seen as "good" and so we will be liked. Society fear of judgement is deeply rooted in need to feel accepted and loved.

So many people put on mask that consist of certain words, clothing, opinions, laughing on jokes that people say, going to places that are admired, owning things that are admired just because they know it will bring them certain level of acceptance and love.

THIS LOVE IS CONDITIONAL. LOVE BASED ON expectations to be some way, otherwise I don't like you and I might judge you for not being as I wish you to see.

How many times you went to restaurant because it was well know in town to show your group of friends you've been there even though you were not into food.

How many times you didn't really express your truth, how you really feel just so you don't hurt someone's feelings.

How many times someone stopped talking to you because you said or did something they didn't like.

It's all conditioning and expectations.


Love so deep and present that you feel liberated and free to be fully yourself every single moment of your life and people LOVE YOU FOR IT.

How would that feel?

It is intriguing idea. Your blank canvas is your essence. You are born WORTHY and PERFECT. Pure expression of love. Anything else from there is conditioning. I want you to remember this for rest of your earthly life and beyond. YOU ARE PERFECT. YOU ARE PURE LOVE. YOU ARE GOD(DESS). AS SO IS EVERYONE ELSE. THIS IS YOUR ESSENCE. I AM.

From here we play, we color beautiful blank canvas with endless possibilities. ANYthing is possible. Whatever your heart desires. It's possible and you are worthy.


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