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Updated: Jan 2, 2023

After deep inner work, heavy emotions and reflections here comes the end of spring with joy, positivity and exploration for Full Moon in playful Sagittarius perfect for MANIFESTING. Time of the year when harvest of strawberries represents sweetness of life.

Sagittarius brings opportunity to dream big, going after your biggest visions and desires. Appreciating what manifested during first two seasons and setting intentions shooting for stars as the energy around us gives us hope and makes us feel like anything is possible. Adventurous Sagittarius with a bow and arrow aims for the target and never misses, giving us motivation to try new things and explore new fields.

Presence of Neptune brings little confusion and veil to understand things. This brings opportunity to leave other people’s opinions and perceptions behind turning to our own intuition and inner guidance. Trust that final outcome is there without need to know every detail of the process. Like resting in the child’s pose, enjoying sweet presence without need to know what’s coming next during the unfolding of the class, acknowledging that overall great after feel is always delivered.


1. Seeing bigger picture what direction am I heading in my personal and professional life?

2. What new possibilities do I sense for myself? How can I include them into my big manifestations?

3. What new physical, mental, spiritual ways did I adapt into my life?


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