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Updated: Mar 28, 2023


🌞Sunshine State of Mind🌞

If you know me in person or in online world you probably noticed that I am absolutely in love with living island life in Miami Beach. (Miami Beach is an island so I can say I am an island girl🌞). It has been 11 years since I moved here from Slovakia (with prior quick stop in suburbs of London). I’ve visited many places around Miami and saw its evolution over the years. There is A LOT of stunning places in Miami I have visited and a lot I heard of but haven’t been to yet.

In this blog I wish to share with you my PERSONAL FAVORITE SPOTS mainly around Miami Beach + couple spots around Grove and Buena Vista. My intention is to inspire you to explore and maybe we get to see each other somewhere under the palm trees.


Cafes & Restaurants

I personally prefer healthy cafes over restaurants. I do believe that energy that goes into preparation of food is affecting our vibes and so I don’t usually eat out, most of my meals are prepared home with extra love. If I eat out these are the places I enjoy.

Under The Mango Tree


737 Fifth St, Miami Beach

The best Acai & matcha you ever tried. There is a real mango tree inside of this cafe!

Lolo’s Surf Cantina


161 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach

Guac n chips, tacos and stunning palm tree views.

True Loaf Bakery


1894 Bay Rd, Miami Beach

My fave bakery in Miami Beach located in Sunset Harbor.

Kava Garden


100 Collins Ave, Miami Beach

Now this is the place I go to 3-4times a week and spend hours in here working and hanging out w community. I don’t drink alcohol and so kava and kratom are great alternatives to feel great, euphoric, focused and chill. If you never heard of kava or kratom maybe it’s time to explore new happy hour. This place lives up to its name with stunning garden full of palm and banana trees.



1504 Bay Rd, Miami Beach

Talk about stunning place the design is so aesthetic. Great service, matcha, indoor and outdoors space for girl dates and working. It’s placed in the residential building of Flamingo - the landscape of this place is absolutely gorgeous.



500 South Pointe Dr, Miami Beach

Flamingo themed tropical cafe located in Sunset Harbor and South Pointe with great matcha and sweet treats(they have whole menu to as well to explore).

Pura Vida Sunset Harbor


1940 Alton Road, Miami Beach

Pura Vida is well known in Miami for its consistent delivery of delicious food, smoothies and drinks. No matter which part of the city you at you can find your favorites. I love to go to Sunset Harbor location for dates with my girlfriends as it is placed right next to my second home Anatomy.

Akash Indian Food


1435 Alton Road, Miami Beach

Indian food cravings are satisfied in Akash on Alton road. It’s our usual spot for date with Suey. To ensure full on Indian vibe they play Bollywood music videos in the background.

Layla Mediterranean Restaurant


2216 Park Ave, Miami Beach

Oriental inspired gorgeous restaurant with great brunch offerings including authentic mint tea in stunning tea set! (Something my passion for Morocco really appreciates).

Gogo Fresh


926 Alton Road, Miami Beach

THE BEST empanadas you ever tried. (or at least I ever tried)! They also make custom salads and bowls.



1929 Purdy Ave, Miami Beach

Custom build salads to perfection in Sunset Harbor. Perfect lunch after work out.

Moshi Moshi

1448 Washington Ave, Miami Beach

Go to sushi spot in Espanola Way. Once you there take a moment to walk through Espanola, its a vibe.

A la Folie Cafe

516 Española Way, Miami Beach

French Crepes with authentic French Cafe energy. (Psst remember to walk through Espanola way)



850 Commerce St, Miami Beach

Vegan goodness! Perfect for brunch - try their pizza!

Abbale TLV Kitchen


864 Commerce Street, Miami Beach

Brunch vibes perfection. I love their Salmon Toast and Babka! They also serve amazing tea in beautiful tea set.



1220 16th St, Miami Beach

Cool spot to grab guac n chips, tacos and possibly extend your dinner to dance party in the hidden back room through secret door.

Call me Gaby


22 Washington Ave, Miami Beach

Authentic European vibes with the most beautiful garden offering Italian flavors in south of fifth.



100 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach

Neapolitan Pizza place that makes limited amount of pizzas a day! It’s right next to Kava Garden as they share stunning places. It’s one of those little hidden spots with kind staff that you wanted to get recommended.

Minty Z


3206 Grand Ave, Coconut Grove, Miami

Vegan Asian restaurant with amazing matcha desserts, dumplings and much more. They also serve selection of teas which I love.

Le Pain Quotidien


3425 Main Hwy, Coconut Grove, Miami

Belgian bakery in Coconut Grove. Amazing breakfast/brunch. I love stop by to grab Hazelnut flute or fresh bread.

Other Places I love to enjoy:

South Pointe Park

1 Washington Ave, Miami Beach

My go to spot to lay down under the palm tree to read a book, journal or just watch world dance around me. On Wednesday and Sunday there are jams with hundreds of people dancing and drumming while sun sets over the city.

In the same park I also love the hill part where you can sit on top watching the ocean and aliveness of day beneath you. Perfect spot for meditation, writing or just chilling with a great company.

Meridian Avenue

Beautiful street lined with trees offering shade on summer day while enjoying pastel colors of Art Deco Architecture. If you have a moment talk a walk along Meridian. One of the things I really love about Miami Beach is strolling around on my scooter while enjoying joyful architecture lined with palms. Instant mood enhancer. You can take down Meridian all the way to South of Fifth getting lost along Collins Ave leading to cafe or South Pointe Park as a final destination.

Lummus Park

1130 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach

If you ever watched any movie based in Miami you probably saw Lummus Park. It is the one that aligns with Ocean Drive. As much as Ocean Drive vibe is extremely touristy and I do not enjoy any restaurants there, the view of architecture from Lummus is absolutely gorgeous. I love this park in the morning or during the day for a walk, run or roller blade session leading all the way up to mid beach. If you decide to go south from Lummus (which officially ends at 5th street) you will continue on board walk towards South Pointe Park. This path leads to my FAVORITE BEACH SPOT.

3rd Street Beach

THE SECRET IS OUT. Let’s keep this between us as I wish to keep it local and in community. My absolutely favorite beach is at 3rd street. There is something about energy of that place. The beach is long, water is crystal clear and shallow gradually sliding deeper and deeper. If you go more north there is steeper entrance to the ocean, if you go more south there is A LOT of locals hanging out. 3rd street is a special gem.

Sunsets in Sunset Harbor

18th St & Purdy Avenue, Miami Beach

Second fave place after South Pointe park to watch sunset over the city. Maurice Gibbs park offers chill environment to unwind. This leads to Venetian Causeway - great for walks, if adventurous, all the ways to downtown. Sunset Harbor is area full of work out studios, cafes, wellness place, grocery stores alive with health and wellness community.

Venetian Causeway

Visualize sunny day, palms swaying in gentle breeze, ocean sparkling on left and right. Perfect scene for walk, run or scooter drive from Miami Beach to Downtown.

Bodyroll Studio


1825 West Ave, Miami Beach

Lymphatic Drainage Massage studio in Sunset Harbor owned by my friend Piret Aava. Place for recovery and reset while you enjoy company of friends or listen to podcast. The design is all in neutral tones and space is so airy!

State of Yoga


727, 4th street, Miami Beach

One of my favorite yoga studios in Miami Beach owned by Sandrine Kamhi. I love taking her creative vinyasa classes on Tuesday or Thursday morning.

Ban de Osh


804 N Lincoln Lane, Miami Beach

Half of my closet is from this stunning place owned by Rebecca. I love it so much that I manifested collaboration with Ban de Osh. Mediterranean and Mexico inspired flowy, nature inspired pieces that become staple of your closet. I am all about comfort, I haven’t worn jeans in month. In here you will find palazzo pants, dresses, kimonos, sets all unique for special occasion that I chose to turn to every day wear ..well because every day is a special occasion!

Rose Gold Store


1570 Washington Ave, Miami Beach

I found this store years ago when I used live one block away. It’s a beautiful unique concept store with rare finds.

Miami Beach Botanic Garden


2000 Convention Center Drive, Miami Beach

When I travel I search for gardens, cafes, flea markets and unique stores. Miami Beach Botanic Garden is a slice of paradise in the middle of the island that Miami Beach is. Explore for mid day reset, bring your picnic lunch and soak up energy from pacha mama.

The Movement Oasis


185 NE 84th St, Miami

There is a lot of beautiful spiritual activations around Miami I love and many are in private places. I will leave this part for a next post but just to give you flavor..

The Movement Oasis managed by Sitara is enchanting garden in the back of Plant the Future with many activations per month. I very much enjoy dance parties here with my fave musician Zoel.


35th St Beach

If you in Miami for a Full Moon come experience magic to my SIGNATURE monthly event where we enjoy rituals, sound journey, fire show and community under the night sky!



1220 20th St, Miami Beach

Get a day pass to enjoy my yoga class, do your work out and enjoy cold plunge and sauna to start your day with great energy!

Upper Buena Vista


184 NE 50th Terrace, Miami

Outdoor shopping plaza with Tulum vibes. Cool little cafes, turkish restaurant, brazilian sweets, trinkets shops and my fave Therapia by aroma Parfume store.

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