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Updated: Jan 2, 2023

My whole life became affected by magic of rituals and those that bring us together become even more sacred. I truly enjoy the presence it takes to set intention and feel the energy of the moment shift. When invitation to facilitate sound bath for mama to be came to me

I wanted bring something more to the experience, including intentions flower petals and all the good energy that every women invited to the circle brought into the space. Flowers always carry such a soft and comforting vibrations elevating the space.

Baby Blessing is a beautiful ritual where friends and family bless new soul that is on the way into this world. Ceremony started with separating petals into the bowl placed in the center of the space. This task brings gentles into the ritual, caring for every rose bud as each petal separates from the stem. Soothing sound bath meditation aligned vibration to higher frequency, bringing each person into the feeling of love, joy and gratitude. Tuned into the heart center, everyone infused this palpable energy into the flower bowl.

As everything is vibration, our love and good intentions travel through the time and space towards objects and people anytime we wish to do so. Remember this anytime you think about someone and out of nowhere new message pops on your phone or person just shows up in your life. You were able to communicate without words.

The last step of the ritual represents actual blessing of the baby. One by one the closest ones sprinkled the rose petals on the belly, saying their intentions and blessings for mama & bebè.

These moments always fill my heart and make me feel gratitude for ability to guide and hold space. We are all soulful beings that are able to share and do so much goodness. Act of sharing this love with family, friends and then expanding your heart towards people you might not know will make the high vibe energy in your heart grow beyond. Everything that you share and give will always find its way back to you, many many times more. Surrender of not expecting anything in return will elevate this exchange into the higher levels.

Love is the highest vibe we embody, emanate and give to others.


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